What Foods Can Guinea Pigs Eat?

Guinea pigs are herbivores, which means they exclusively consume plants and foods derived from plants. Your pet guinea pig’s diet should consist mostly of high-quality hay, commercially available pelleted guinea pig chow, and small portions of fresh vegetables and fruit.

Similarly, What are guinea pigs favorite food?

The majority of them like carrots and broccoli, and some even prefer fresh grass chewed off a lawn. Some owners swear by store-bought treats, but they’re not necessary, and you should double-check the contents to ensure you’re not giving the GPs sugar and colorings!

Also, it is asked, What can’t guinea pigs eat list?

Meat of any form should be avoided by Guinea Pigs. Yogurt, cheese, kefir, sour cream, cream cheese, and cottage cheese are all dairy products. Guinea pigs have diarrhea from iceberg lettuce and lighter lettuces. Bloating may be caused by cabbage, cauliflower, or other gassy vegetables. Avocado.

Secondly, What can I feed my guinea pig if I ran out of food?

Alternatives to Guinea Pig Food and Supplements Lettuce Romaine The high fiber level of Romaine lettuce (as well as red and green lettuces) might help keep your guinea pig’s digestion running smoothly, since it is much more nutritionally packed than Iceberg lettuce. Broccoli. Cauliflower. Kale. Peppers (bell) Oranges. Carrots. Squash.

Also, What color do guinea pigs see?

Guinea pigs, commonly known as cavies because of their scientific name, Cavia porcellus, can perceive colors, unlike other rodents. They aren’t colorblind; they can distinguish between most hues. They also depend on their other, more developed senses, including as hearing and touch.

People also ask, Do guinea pigs like to get wet?

It’s ideal to wash your guinea pigs on a day when the weather isn’t too hot, so they can dry fast. Guinea pigs dislike getting wet, and washing them and not properly drying them off in cold areas may give them the chills and make them feel unhappy at the very least.

Related Questions and Answers

Can guinea pigs eat cheerios?

It is not something I would suggest. They aren’t allowed since they are whole grain and pasteurized. Grain and processed meals are not suggested for guinea pigs at all.

Can guinea pigs eat bread?

Avoid giving your guinea pig items that are high in sugar, carbs, or fats, just like you would with humans. This means no toasted oat cereals, which are often used as gerbil or hamster snacks. Beans, breads, cookies, crackers, oats, potatoes, and other human foods should not be fed to her.

Can you get a guinea pig high?

If you’ve ever questioned whether or not your dogs can get high, the answer is yes, but they don’t enjoy it and it’s bad for them.

Can my guinea pig eat chips?

Yes, guinea pigs have teeth specialized specifically for eating chips, such as corn and potato chips. Optional guacamole or bean dip

Do guinea pigs like warm or cold weather?

Climate Preferences of Guinea Pigs When the weather gets cold, certain rodents, such as ground squirrels and Eastern chipmunks, hibernate, while guinea pigs do not. Guinea pigs, on the other hand, like air temperatures of 65°F to 75°F. Any temperature below 60°F is likely to be too chilly for your pig.

Do guinea pigs eat their poop?

Not only is it totally normal and natural for guinea pigs to consume their own feces, but it is also necessary for their health. Many tiny animals do the same thing, and there’s even more cause to be concerned if they don’t consume their faeces!

Can guinea pigs eat sweet potato?

We frequently question whether they’re safe for our guinea pigs since they’re so good for us. The quick answer is that you can give sweet potato to your guinea pig in moderation.

Do guinea pigs need vegetables every day?

Guinea pigs need fresh greens and vegetables on a daily basis to ensure that they receive adequate vitamin C (which they cannot manufacture). Our veterinarians recommend one teacup of greens and vegetables per guinea pig every day, separated between morning and evening feeding.

How often should guinea pigs eat?

Aside from the hay, feeding your cavy twice a day is an excellent idea. To help avoid overeating and, as a result, obesity, both in the morning and evening. Any uneaten pellets should be removed 1 hour after your cavy has eaten, and any fruit or vegetables should be removed after 24 hours.

Do guinea pigs enjoy music?

Do Guinea Pigs like listening to music? Yes, some genres of music played at a low level have been discovered to be enjoyed by Guinea pigs. Many research have been conducted to determine what music is ideal for guinea pigs to listen to. Classical music or light jazz, in instance, are often seen to be appropriate selections.

What do guinea pigs like to sleep in?

The greatest bedding you can give your guinea pig is hay. It’s pleasant and squishy, and it accounts for the majority of their diet. Guinea pigs prefer to crawl under their bedding, so make sure there’s enough in their cage.

Can guinea pigs have carrots?

Carrots are fine for your guinea pig to consume if you provide them as a special treat rather than feeding them every day. Some guinea pigs, such as those with diabetes, allergies, or bladder stones, should avoid this brightly colored vegetable.

Are guinea pigs allowed to eat watermelon?

Watermelon is OK for your guinea pig to consume, but only in moderation. A tiny slice of watermelon should be fed to your pet once a week at most. While hay and grass are essential for your guinea pig’s digestive system and teeth, too much watermelon might upset his stomach.

Can guinea pigs eat chocolate?

Chocolate Chocolate and candies of any type are forbidden to guinea pigs. They are sensitive to the amount of sugar they consume. Naturally, they avoid foods that contain hardly any sugar. Synthetic sugars should be avoided at all costs.

Can guinea pigs eat raisins?

This might have a long-term negative impact on their health. The rare raisin, on the other hand, is unlikely to hurt your guinea pig. While we do not advocate feeding children raisins or any other dried fruit, one or two raisins each week as a reward should suffice.


Guinea pigs are a popular pet for many people and they can eat just about anything. They have an omnivorous diet, which means they will eat both plants and animals.

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